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Our roofers let you HEAR audio recommendations from REAL past clients...
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Hi, if you're in Phoenix and you're planning to hire a roofer that you can really feel good about hiring, then you'll be interested in hearing this short interview with Brandon. Brandon is a homeowner and he was selling his home. However, the roof needed some repairs first and these repairs needed to be done urgently so that Brandon could sell the home quickly. So here's the interview with Brandon: (Scroll to the right to read.)

"He was just efficient, kind, communicated well & got back to me quickly... and as far as pricing he was the best price that we got out of all of the quotes."

Q: "So there were other other roofers you considered and you hired Scott because of a lower price. Any other reason?"

A: "I mean the biggest one was just the pricing... and then also just the ability to get to work done quickly. That was huge for us."

Q: "Oh, right: you were selling the home."

A: "Correct."

Q: "Was he the very lowest of all the estimates you got or do you not know?"

A: "Yeah he was. Of the estimates that I got, he was."

Q: "Great! So you had said that the low price and that he was able to quickly provide the services, those were the big issues for hiring him. Once he did the work or during the process, was anything else that was pleasantly surprising that you care to report?"

A: "Efficient, kind, communicated well."

Q: "What were the actual services you provided to you? You said he repaired some tile... what else?"

A: "He fixed some mortar caps and broken tiles and aligned (re-aligned) the ridge line...."

Q: "If you were talking to someone that was looking for a roofing company in Phoenix, what a few things you would say about Scott?"

A: "Efficient, he got back to me quickly and as far as pricing he was the best price of all the quotes we got."

Q: "If you need somebody that needed a service for roof repair, you sound like you would be happy to recommend them. Is that right?"

A: "Definitely!"

Q: "Okay well Brandon thanks very much for your time."

Here is the tile roof ridgeline that was made by some other Phoenix roofing company. Notice that the alignment is off. Not only do the roof tiles look bad, but with central Arizona's summer storms (the monsoons and the dusty haboobs), those poorly aligned tiles are more likely to crack. If the roof tile cracks and waters leaks under the roof, then water can damage the ceiling or attic below.

On the left, that is the ridgeline that was made by some other Phoenix roofing company. Notice that the alignment is off. Not only does it look bad, but with central Arizona's summer storms (the monsoons and the dusty haboobs), those poorly aligned tiles are more likely to crack. If the roof tile cracks and water leaks under the roof, then water can damage the ceiling or attic below. Fortunately for Brandon, on the right is how the properly aligned ridgeline looks now.

Here is a tile roof with a properly aligned ridgeline. For a Phoenix roofing company you can hire with confidence, contact out roofers today!

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Roofing: new roofs & roof repairs in Ahwatukee AZ

Our roofers in Ahwatukee AZ will provide you with emergency roof repairs or new roofing. Plus, we also offer free
estimates to home owners. Are you selling your home and need your roof checked for leaks? Are you worried about wind damage or hail damage to your roof from a recent monsoon storm? Or, is your roof just near the end of the warranty and may need to be replaced (before the warranty coverage expires)?

Would you value getting a brand new roof if it were free to you (under warranty)?

One of the things that can be most surprising to our roofing clients in Ahwatukee is the possibility that the roof repair that they need will be totally covered under existing warranties or home insurance policies. In some cases, even when the external damage may seem minor to you, we have helped home owners in Arizona to get their entire roof replaced with no cost to them at all (including when they had already covered that year’s deductible on their home insurance).

Basically, new roofs come with warranties. Many roofing companies have issued warranties for long periods such as 20 years that are “very generous” to home owners in Ahwatukee, Arizona.

Why do I call those long roof warranties “very generous” to people in Arizona? There are many types of roofing, such as tile roofs and flat roofs. Many kinds of roofs do not last as long here in Ahwatukee AZ compared to other states (so the roofs need major repairs or replacement sooner than they usually do outside of Arizona). However, the full warranty protections still can be active past the normal lifetime of your roof.

Why do certain kinds of roof not last as long here in Ahwatukee AZ?

In this part of Arizona, roofing materials can deteriorate quickly because of the intense heat of summers in Ahwatukee plus the annual monsoon storms (with damage from hail and gusting winds in dust storms). The extra stress to the exterior roofing surfaces will usually result in the need to replace or repair your roof much more often in this part of Arizona than if that same roof was in another state.

With the image below (from an article by the National Association of Certified Home Inspectors), note the bottom of the three sections. When the roofing material is already deteriorated (like by a decade of Ahwatukee summers with heat far over 100 degrees), then a single hail stone can cause significant damage leading to the potential for a leak (and massive insurance claims for water damage).

In some cases, there is roof damage in so many places that our roof inspection specialists in Ahwatukee can take photos and make measurements that get the attention of the warranty provider or insurance company. Insurance companies in particular do not want a slowly leaking roof to lead to much more extensive water damage or mold. This is especially true of asphalt shingle roofing in Ahwatukee, which can fracture (crack open) when damaged by a hail storm.

image source:

So, when the effectiveness of the roofing has been sufficiently compromised (what the insurance companies call “disturbed” roofing), then they will often approve paying for a full roof replacement. They know that the cost of all of the individual repairs can actually be larger than replacing the roof.

Further, the insurance companies know that roof warranties in Ahwatukee, Arizona are often “generous.” That means that if your roof warranty is near expiration, your insurance company may favor paying for a new roof (which starts over a new period of warranty coverage). The insurance company wants new warranty coverage because that new warranty reduces the future financial risks of the insurance company.


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6. How exactly does a roof inspector find leaks and other damage to repair?

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