restoration & water damage repair in Phoenix, Arizona: fire, flood, storm, hail, smoke, roof in AZ

How will you choose the right restoration company in Arizona for you?

Before you choose which restoration company in Phoenix to hire, consider that some factors are the most important to you, right? Our clients have mentioned these 3 levels of priority: what is absolutely essential, what is a high priority (but not essential), and finally what are your ideal preferences (as long as you are satisfied with everything else).

To make your choice easier, you will briefly hear recordings of three customers of the best restoration company in Phoenix. First, you will see a short half-minute video of Mike. He will warn you that just because an insurance agent refers you to a restoration company, that does not prove that the restoration contractors are properly licensed or even covered by insurance (which will be very valuable to you if there is an issue of major negligence, like what happened with Mike's washing machine leak and water damage repair at his home in Phoenix).


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water damage repair client in Phoenix AZ
Mike: "I found out that the other company was not licensed (wow) even though my insurance company had recommended someone that was not licensed (wow) which to me is pretty scary. Some of these companies in Arizona, you've got to be really careful because they are not licensed. There's licenses they have to get, I believe, just to pull carpet out. So, they did things to my house that... legally they should not have been doing, so that was pretty disturbing."

To read a longer version of Mike's testimonial, click here: Mike's recommendation of the best restoration company in Phoenix.

So, fast response and proper licenses are both essential. However, those factors are not enough to select a single restoration company in Phoenix that is best for you.

There are some big restoration companies in Phoenix that have the properly licenses, but their employees may not always follow the standards of the restoration industry. How do you know which water damage restoration companies in Phoenix only use restoration technicians that are well-trained and well-supervised? You probably do not have any personal experience yet with a really reliable water damage repair company in Phoenix, so be cautious!

Here is an example of how choosing the wrong one can be costly. In this real example, a home owner had their sewage line overflow and flood, so they hired a company to provide water damage repair services, but that company did not contain the sewage properly and contaminated the entire house. That caused weeks of additional inconvenience to the homeowners (because huge amounts of their house, including over a thousand square foot of flooring, had to be torn out and replaced in order to meet the regulations of their home insurance company).


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tracy lorena seeley Here is one minute of a testimonial from Lorena S. (who had a leaking water heater). She was talking about being overcharged by an emergency plumbing company in Phoenix that she said that she "honestly believes was trying to prey" on her family in a stressful situation. She went on to talk about who she eventually hired to repair the water from the water heater leak and why she now recommends that restoration company in Phoenix as her favorite experts: "they are professional, honest, and compassionate, plus communicate clearly and respectfully." But as for the first company in Phoenix that she called about her flood damage emergency, she also had some harsh words of warning....

To read a longer version of Lorena's testimonial, click here: Lorena's recommendation of the best restoration company in Phoenix.


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older gentleman2 Finally, I recently spoke with a senior citizen in Mesa who said that he had heard about scammers in the emergency restoration industry, but he was very pleased with a restoration company that his insurance agent told him about. Before hiring them to repair the water damage from a leak in the concrete slab foundation under his home, he asked the head of maintenance in his retirement community and several other homeowners and they all recommended that same restoration company in Phoenix (which is the one that Dane owns and manages, plus that is also the one that Lorena and Mike recommend that you hire).

To read a longer version of Merle's testimonial, click here: Merle's recommendation of the best restoration company in Phoenix.

When somebody knows that they need help.... but they don't know which companies are good and which ones are brand new and which ones have a bad reputation, you can actually speak...

"Give them my name and phone number. I'd be glad to help out if they'd like to call me and ask me about them!"

If somebody did say that they had even a question about damage restoration, would you recommend that they contact Ryan and Dane?

"Oh, you better believe it! I've got some [business] cards I'm going to put on the bulletin board... It's a good outfit as far as ... far as I'm concerned!"


Fast response PLUS
Properly licensed & Insured

mike w kids2

"We had an emergency with water leaking down through the ceiling from our washing machine on the second floor. We called our insurance agent, who recommended a restoration company that I soon learned was not insured or properly licensed for the work we needed. The agent had never checked on that and was just as surprised as my wife and I were!

Not only did that other Phoenix restoration company do a rushed job with fixing the leak, but they failed to remove all the moisture (although they inaccurately told us that it was totally dry, which could have led to a huge mold problem). To top it off, they billed for thousands of dollars of work beyond what they actually did!

Fortunately, I found out about Dane's restoration company fast and he was able to take good care of us. He quickly provided everything we needed: detecting the remaining moisture in the dry wall, drying it ALL out to prevent mold, replacing all the damaged carpet, and repairing all the other water damage, plus helping us get the most out of our insurance coverage, which is a whole different story....

What I can say very briefly is that it is someone's job at the insurance company to look for reasons to deny at least some part of a home owner's claim. I understand that and I did not take it personally when they tried to stick me with the cost of damage that was the result of the first restoration company doing incomplete work. When I told Dane about my situation, he helped get my insurance to approve some major costs from an electrical malfunction that happened weeks later. Overall, I was very pleasantly surprised and seriously impressed by the quality of service that Dane provides."

- Mike G. in Phoenix, AZ


Compassionate EXPERTS
who communicate clearly

tracy lorena seeley

"I was so thankful that I had called Dane to get a second opinion after talking to another restoration company in Phoenix (the one that our first emergency plumber recommended). My husband and I were immediately so much more comfortable with Dane's professionalism and attention to detail.

Then, when the insurance adjuster came during the repair process, that is when I was absolutely certain that I had made the right choice by hiring Dane's company. The adjuster approved paying for everything that Dane requested and I just sat on the couch and let out a big sigh of relief!

But then a few days later, the warranty company had still not replaced our hot water heater (which is what had leaked to start the whole water damage emergency). With little kids, our family absolutely could not go a week without laundry, so we told Dane about that and he said "we will take care of that for you NOW," which they did. That was awesome.

Next, Dane also helped us to reduce the bill of the first plumber (that I honestly believe was trying to prey on us in a stressful situation). It was not just an extra hundred dollars that they were trying to slip in to the bill... but a lot more than that! I really think they saw that we had a nice house and decided to try to gouge us. I was... I was disappointed. It was a big mess.

We were so glad to have Dane as our ally for everything. I just wish we had contacted him first!"

- Lorena S. in Mesa, AZ


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older gentleman2

"As you well know, there's so many people that are scammers out there. When you get somebody good, it's kind of good to brag about them. I'm happier than hell to brag about somebody good- there's so damn many a-holes out there!

So, here is what happened to me. When I found squishy water soaked in to the carpet of my living room, I called other plumbers to repair the leak. One of them couldn't come until a few days later... too busy giving estimates. The other one I called said "we can send someone out to locate the water leak and you'll have to pay them 2 or 3 hundred dollars, then get another company for the water damage repairs and then after that call...."

Really? Look, I don't want to have to pay somebody for one thing and then pay somebody else for the next thing and on and on and around in circles! I want one company that can do it all and do it well.

So, I asked my insurance agent, Carrie, and she gave me this restoration company's business card. The guy that's the head of maintenance where I live, he told me about these people, too.

There's a lot of people here at Leisure World, my retirement community in Mesa, that they already did work for. So, I talked to about 4 or 5 different people that have hired these people. They couldn't say anything against them... and I can't either. It's a good outfit as far as I'm concerned.

If someone in Phoenix needs water damage repairs or any other kind of restoration service, I can definitely recommend calling Ryan and Dane. That's for darn sure! If they'd like to call me and ask me about them, I'd be glad to comment.

I'm even going to put their business cards up on the bulletin board at the administration building here in the retirement community. I would recommend them for anybody!"

- Merle E. in Mesa, AZ